Wedding Rings Untold Truth

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The giving of wedding rings comes from paganism, it originated in Babylon. The most ancient ring discovered there is in the shape of the eternal serpent. The image of the serpent biting its tail to form the circle of the ring is an ancient satanic symbol.


This movie called “The Message” is about the origin of Islam and has nothing to do with the Israelites, let alone the so-called “Black” Israelites.

But check to see how they portray the Israelites, more specifically, the “Tribe of Judah” in this clip.

DNA tests prove it….

Males who share a common patrilineal ancestor also share a Y chromosome, diverging only with respect to accumulated mutations. Since Y-chromosomes are passed from father to son, all Kohanim men should theoretically have almost identical Y chromosomes; this can be tested with a genealogical DNA test. As the rate that mutations accumulate on the Y chromosome is relatively constant, scientists can estimate the elapsed time since two men had a common ancestor. “The Samaritan M267 lineages differed from the classical Cohen modal haplotype at DYS391, carrying 11 rather than 10 repeats”, as well as, have a completely different haplogroup, which should have been “J1”. Samaritan Kohanim descend from a different patrilineal family line, having haplogroup E1b1b1a (M78) (formerly E3b1a).

In recent years, advances in genetic technology and the broadening in scope of genetic studies to encompass more ethnic groups have allowed scientists to come to more accurate conclusions. Nevertheless, not all questions have been answered fully, and followup studies are necessary. At the present time, it is known that Eastern European Jews have a significant Eastern Mediterranean element which manifests itself in a close relationship with Kurdish, Armenian, Palestinian Arab, Lebanese, Syrian, and Anatolian Turkish peoples. This is why the Y-DNA haplogroups J and E, which are typical of the Middle East, are so common among them. At the same time, there are traces of European (including Northern Italian and Western Slavic or Eastern Slavic) and Khazar ancestry among European Jews. Ethiopian Jews mostly descend from Ethiopian Africans who converted to Judaism, but may also be related to a lesser extent to Yemenite Jews. Yemenite Jews descend from Arabs and Israelites. North African Jewish and Kurdish Jewish paternal lineages come from Israelites. Additional research is necessary, and it will certainly take several more years to sort it all out. What we can say for sure is that Jewish Y-DNA tends to come from the Middle East, and that studies that take into account mtDNA show that many Jewish populations are related to neighboring non-Jewish groups maternally. All existing studies fail to compare modern Jewish populations’ DNA to ancient Judean DNA and medieval Khazarian DNA, but in the absence of old DNA, comparisons with living populations appear to be adequate to trace geographic roots.

Black Rulers of Europe

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The image above is an illustration of King James. Yes, the same King James that translated the Bible. And, there are many more black rulers of Europe that have cleverly been erased out of our history books and depicted as white men. As this website suggests, “Black rulership was widespread in Europe during the Dark and middle ages.”

This is Robert Clifford Magis’ illustration of the ancient Phoenicians as seen here on National Geographic’s website. Notice the black slave woman in the background with hands bound. Slaves were Hebrews.

Phoenician Blood Endures 3000 years, DNA study shows

The article suggests that the Phoenicians contributed their genes to at least six percent of the modern populations of historic Phoenician trading outposts, and clearly shows that they were black.  One of the most prominent Phoenicians is Hannibal, one of the greatest military commanders of all time.

Hello world!

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My name is Brother Asaiah and I am an Israelite from the Tribe of Levi. My purpose in creating this blog is to spread truth and knowledge that I gather with the intention of awakening my people, the lost tribes of Israel. To be cont…